Google Keep

Google Keep is a free, web-based note-taking app that allows users to create, edit, and share notes. It can also be a great tool for teachers. Here are a few things you can do with Google Keep:

  • Create to-do lists:
  • Share notes with students:
  • Create reminders:
  • Use labels to organize your notes:.
  • Use colors to code your notes:
  • Use the voice recorder to record your thoughts:.
  • Use the collaborate feature to work with others:

These are some of the features of Google Keep. However, I want to highlight one feauture that you’ll find very useful. You can use it to get the text from an image. Google Keep’s Grab Image Text feature allows users to extract text from images. As this can be a helpful to save time by not having to type out text that is already in an image.

To use the Grab Image Text feature,

  • Upload the image with text to Google Keep
  • Use the 3 dots from the menu to “extract image text”
  • Copy and Paste to your word document or send to a Google Doc.
  • You can add labels or tick boxes to the text.

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