October 14th 2012 archive

Smore; another great tool

Smore is an online flyer creator but it looks very versatile and we, teachers can use it in many ways

You can design a flyer to invite people for an event you or your school created

describe a product

create a class newspaper or a school newsletter

compiling students board on one topic and embed into your class blogs

The tool allows you to upload photos and write text. You can edit your flyer after publishing it. When you click on update, it automatically updates the changes you’ve recently made. You can share your flyer and best of all embed it to your blogs or wikis. You can even print it out. You can allow comments, sharing on social media or enable them from the privacy settings

I will definitely share it with my colleagues at school and my students as well. I think they will create beautiful posters.

I designed a flyer for my  TESOL France talk.