September 2012 archive

First Week of the School

Schools started. I have new classes and I have classes that I know from last year. We started working hard. We, as the English Department of our school, prepared lessons to motivate our students.

With my year 12 students, who will graduate and take the university exam, we read ‘Go and Open the Door’, a poem written by Miroslav Holub. It is a great poem to talk about opportunities, chances, memories, etc and my students wrote their own poems. You can view their poems on their class blogs.

With my year 11 students, we talked about overcoming obstacles, being decisive, being ambitious, the place of disabled people in the society, paralympic games. I used Sean Banville’s lesson on Oscar Pistorius. I told my students to create posters and some suggested preparing glogs. You can view their glogs on our class blog as well.

If you can visit our class blogs and leave a comment for them, they may feel more motivated.



Asking Questions – A Warmer or A Filler

I found this activity hidden in one of my idea notebooks a few minutes ago while trying to organize my files.

Ask students to write a question on a piece of paper.

Tell them to fold it down and pass it to the next student.

The next students will also write a question and fold the paper and pass it to the next student.

This will continue until the students get their own papers.

Then tell students to choose

1. a funny question

2. the question they’d like to answer

3. a question they can’t answer

4 . a question with a a grammar mistake, etc

Then they can answer the questions they want to answer.

They can create a wall poster titled “Our Questions and Answers’

I also think this can be a great idea as pre (reading, listening,writing, speaking,etc)

Write the topic on the board

Tell students to write a question on that topic and pass the paper to the next students

When they get their own papers tell them to check the text if they can get an answer for any of the questions on the paper.


If you have access to a computer room, before reading the text in the course book, students can search the web and try to get answers for their questions.