Can Comenius Project Change a Thing, part 4

Well, I’ve already learned the answer but I want to continue with this title.

May is a wonderful month. It is warm, sunny and energetic and we are lucky beacuse the 3rd meeting of our project ‘The Magic of Reading, The Power of Reading’ is going to be held in Istanbul this week.

 We, the language department teachers and students of my school have planned everything and we are looking forward to collaborating with our friends starting tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we will present ‘What Comenius means to us’ and then exchange ideas and see how far we have reached tomorrow. We are going to organise a wonderful evening for Europe Day on May 9th. There are other meetings, for instance, we will choose our paragraphs to start writing our stories and trips that will take place this week in my 117 years old school.

I’m so much excited. A few minutes later, I will leave home to meet the last team and at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, our 1 week long adventure will begin.

Please, wish us luck

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4 comments on “Can Comenius Project Change a Thing, part 4
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  2. I remember how excited you were when you were talking about their coming to Istanbul! I hope- actually sure- all will be good and you guys will have a great time! Let us know 🙂

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