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Can Comenius Change A Thing? The Last Stop…




Two years ago, we started our project in Puciosa, a small town in Romania. I didn’t know what was expecting us. I didn’t know what I should expect. Yet I had a feeling that everything would be great …

We were in Lamia from April 14th to 19th. Our partner is a Music school so we all knew the meeting would have some music in it.

On Sunday, Our Greek friends took us from the bus stop. Kids went with their hosts and we headed to our hotel. Our Greek friends were warm and friendly and very generous. Moreover they were very kind.

Lamia is a little city and on a sunny Sunday morning I fell in love with it. Seeing the orange trees, smelling the flowers filled us with joy. Life was good.


On Monday we were in the school and it was an excellent opening ceremony for the project meeting. A concert was waiting for us. And it was a real concert… The students and the teachers performed with their various orchestras. It was a sheer bliss. Then we watched the wonderful presentation of the beautiful Lamia. A student on his bike toured the city going up and down the hills, the steps and wait … They said ”We assigned the students and they came up with this”.

During the week, we worked hard as usual but we also had chance to see magnificent places. Greece, the land of philosophers, writers, historians… Greece, the land of proud, humble people… Everybody in the Music School of Lamia worked hard to make the event unforgettable; the teachers, parents and the students. Words are not enough to explain my feelings. I’m glad that my eyes have seen… I know the smell of honeysuckles will remind me of the friendly people and the beautiful days we spent in Lamia.


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Can Comenius Project Change a Thing, part 5 ( at our school)

Finally we hosted our partner schools in Istanbul. My school was very glad to have this opportunity. We, the language department teachers worked very hard yet we enjoyed and learned a lot.

On the first day, after the short tour in the school, we gathered in the conference hall and presented ‘What Comenius means to us’. There were very experienced schools among us; however, the experienced and the inexperienced schools all had the common conclusion. Comenius projects are great opportunities to help us learn about each other.

We also had the chance to celebrate The Europe Day on 9th of May at school. We cooked traditional food in the school kitchen all together. Peeling, chopping, whipping was wonderful with the students and teachers. Our kitchen workers also enjoyed the experience very much although they got tired very much. When all the food was cooked, we headed to the school yard, and country had a stand with its flag. The teachers and the students served the food to the guests and enjoyed the lovely spring weather for a while. Then we headed to the conference hall and each team sang, danced and even taught their dances to the other groups.  It was a great evening and all of us left the school with wonderful memories.

We choose our story beginnings. We read paragraphs from the novel and recited Zahrad’s poems in many languages.

We organised day trips in Istanbul. It was difficult to show all the beautiful places around but at least we tried our best as a taster and also with a boat trip in an evening, we managed to show the most of the city.

The worst part was the ending. We cried a lot, we hugged each other, becoming friends once more, promising each other to keep in touch until the next meeting.

 This video is created by our 11 language department students for the ‘What Comenius means to us’. I really loved it and ı wanted to share it.

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Can Comenius Project Change a Thing, part 4

Well, I’ve already learned the answer but I want to continue with this title.

May is a wonderful month. It is warm, sunny and energetic and we are lucky beacuse the 3rd meeting of our project ‘The Magic of Reading, The Power of Reading’ is going to be held in Istanbul this week.

 We, the language department teachers and students of my school have planned everything and we are looking forward to collaborating with our friends starting tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we will present ‘What Comenius means to us’ and then exchange ideas and see how far we have reached tomorrow. We are going to organise a wonderful evening for Europe Day on May 9th. There are other meetings, for instance, we will choose our paragraphs to start writing our stories and trips that will take place this week in my 117 years old school.

I’m so much excited. A few minutes later, I will leave home to meet the last team and at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, our 1 week long adventure will begin.

Please, wish us luck

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Can a Comenius Project change a thing? Part 3

 The Magic of Reading The Power of Discovering Ourselves

Guest post by Talar Bedikoglu and Culya Yapıcı 

                The second project meeting took place in La Palma del Condado,Spain  from March 4th to March 10th  2012. La Palma del Condado isin the province of Huelva. It has a population of 10.000 inhabitants. It is popular for its wineries which produce all the wine in Spain. It has natural beauties with wonderful narrow streets and traditional houses. The orange and lemon trees decorate the streets.

                On our arrival day we were warmly welcomed by the host families and teachers. On our first day at school we met the head-teachers and the staff during a reception organized at school. The school walls were decorated  with posters of each country that took part in the project. We were informed about the Spanish history and civilization by the history teacher. On the same day each partner reported their Reading Club Activities and shared the values that the novels or the poems represented. We were able to see some posters, videos and presentations prepared by the students. We had a guided tour of La Palma del Condado in the evening with all the teachers and students.

                We had a day trip to Sevilla on March 6th and another day trip to the Donana National Park and the coast including El Rocio and Matalascanas on March 7th.Donana National Park is a well known for its enormous variety of bird species and its colorful colonies of flamingoes.

                On Thursday morning after having breakfast prepared for all the host families, students and teachers,  we watched a performance about  Don Quixote de la Mancha by La Palma students . On our project meeting in the afternoon, the partner schools presented their countries, towns and schools. We decided on how many passages to be translated into English from the novels of our own authors. Each country presented their ideas on Multilingual Dictionary Templates. We decided to prepare an online and a printable dictionary including the literary terms in our list and some useful phrases. In the evening we visited La Palma del Condado Library and students from each partner school read the first paragraph of Don Quixote in their own mother tongue.

                Friday was the Lorca day. La Palma Students sang songs composed from Lorca poems and the guest students read his poems in their mother tongue. We were welcomed by the authorities in The Town Hall. After that, the teachers were taken on a tour of the wineries of La Palma.

                This trip was a great of opportunity for our students to discover other cultures and traditions and to make new friends. They felt the warmth of friendship not only with the students but also with their host families. We left Spain with unforgettable memories.

You can watch these beautiful animotos to see the enthusiasm of both teachers and the students.

Their presentations

And the trips


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Can A Comenius Project Change A Thing, Part 2

our logo

Comenius Multilateral Projects are funded by EU, lifelong learning programmes and after a long search, we finally have a Comenius project for 2011-2013 Academic Years.
Our project is called ‘The Magic of Reading, The Power of Discovering Ourselves’. We have 6 partners and we have just started our exciting journey to discover ourselves.
The teachers and students from Hungry, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece met in Pucioasa in Romania in November. During few days, between the fifth and the twelfth of November 2011 all the partners worked hard and chose our logo, final booklist to be read and schedule how the project will develop.
The trip was amazing. We really loved the peaceful town and we enjoyed Romanian hospitality, Romanian culture and places of interest. It was also fun to practise English and meet new people.
The project is all about reading and promoting a reading habit for the students which will continue even after the project. In our countries, we started reading clubs where we will read and discuss the chosen books. Then in Spain we will start our stories and coming our homes, we will write our own stories using the same beginnings. These stories then will become scenarios and will be staged in Italy. Moreover, we will translate passages from the books, create a multilingual dictionary. Another aim of the project is to know each other well so we will also introduce our towns to each other.
We know it is a tough journey but we are sure we will enjoy the whole process immensely.

A few sentences from one of my students

At first I I had some doubts. I thought that I could get bored. We arrived to our destination and then the schools headmaster and some other teachers took us and we went to a small but lovely village named Pucioasa. We met the Romanian group of the project. They were so friendly that we became friends immediately. Fallowing days we visited Targovishte, Draculas Castle, Peleş Castle, Writers Museum and Childrens Club. In our free evenings we hanged out with the Romanian group. We watched movies, walked in parks and had so much fun. As it was my first trip to a foreign country I’ll never forget this visit and I reccommend everyone to experience a project like this because even if you have no problem with speaking it helps you in a different way, it makes you improve yourself.
All in all I enjoyed it and I can surely say that this was the best week of my entire life. Looking forward to greet our friends in Istanbul in May it will be so much fun.

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