Another Great Conference, BESL 2011

At Bahçeşehir University, on May 14th, I had the chance to listen to Stephen Krashen, who was the person on my linguistics notes, PD courses I attended and there he was talking about his acquisition theory.

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I’m not going to tell about the whole event as I was there only in the morning and rushed to my school, to be in the school yard with my friends for the school reunion.

Here are some very useful tips from Professor Krashen

Stories are very important.

Reading is the key for improvement. Free Voluntary Reading will help our learners do better.

From listening to stories, we evolve to reading books and literature.

Teachers should be storytellers. -I’m sure he didn’t mean we should be like amazing Jan Blake, I simply can’t 🙁

Literature is at the core of language arts, it is the philosophy

Compelling comprehensive input is a must. Interesting is not enough.

The better the school library is, the reading score goes up.

School libraries are great opportunities for the ones who cannot buy the books.

To stay young or to prevent Alzheimer we should do the followings.



DRINK COFFEE: He suggested 3 cups of freshly brewed coffee a day.

And you can do all three at once.

Here are some useful sites from his handout:

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7 comments on “Another Great Conference, BESL 2011
    • He said just 3 will be enough Karin. A friend of mine who is a prof at medical school is in favour of 1 cup per day ( to prevent Alzheimer)
      Don’t drink much! I’m trying 2 cut down:)

  1. Hi Eva!

    Thanks for writing about this amazing conference and Stephen Krashen (I found out by Busem Dogan by the way, I was bugging her on Twitter about it!Ha ha!).

    What can I say about Stephen Krashen? I have never attended one of his talks but I did his books in university and absolutely love his way of thinking.One of the best presents I’ve ever gotten was a copy of the Natural Approach, from one of my cousins in Canada, who is also a teacher.

    I won’t get Alzheimer’s, as it seems: I read (too much methinks), I am bilingual and I just need to add one more cup of coffee to my daily intake! : )

    Thanks for writing about it, Eva and hope you had a great time at the reunion!


  2. Thanks for dropping by Vicky,
    He meant a lot throughout my teaching journey because of that I wanted to be there.
    seems I won’t get Alzeimer either 😉 which is kinda relief ( or let’s hope, all these will help us stay young)

    • Hi,
      Well, I’m not sure about the coffee bit. He said there was a research as I replied to Karin, a friend of mine suggests just 1 cup of coffee a day.
      If you like coffee, think it will also be useful this way and drink thinking about staying young. I’m sure it will help.

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