Well, During February I’ll blog at ELT Blogathon on the Teaching English website as evab2001. I know how important is IATEFL for English teachers and I know very well that the online community should also be blamed for evoking enthusiasm among fellow teachers. I also want to be there with my PLN so I’ll try my best for that.

 However, I also believe that the emphasis on this event shouldn’t only be winning. The main emphasis should be on the number of participants and their habit forming process.  I love this challenge as it will encourage some teachers to blog, share and collaborate. It will give a chance to some teachers to make their vocies heard and I’m pretty sure some will marvel at themselves when they discover how much they have already got to share but they only needed some external force to make them realise it.

I will also try to update this blog and send something for this one but I’m planning to write something new for the blogathon as often as possible.

And I have one more news, actually 2 more, to share. I just found out that our wiki project became 5th on edublogs award and this blog came 14th and I know I’m not the winner but I really loved the result. Thanks 🙂


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