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Fun activities for future tenses

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After writing the fun activities for present simple and present continuous, I decided to continue compiling all the fun activities that I’ve been using for years here.

I’ve just done future tenses so I think it’s time to think about the fun follow ups.

Fortunetelling: Pair them and ask them to write a dialogue between a fortuneteller and somebody.

Fortune cookie messages: Ask them to write fortune cookie messages and then put them in a box and let them take their fortunes.

M&Ms for future: Let them take m&ms from a box. Each colour will represent something so tell them to write a paragraph according to the colour of the candy. For example: If you have a green candy, write something about your goals. If you have a yellow one, write about the places you want to visit, etc.

Imagine: Group the students and tell them they will predict the lives of a distant future generation. Give each group a category like: education, jobs, family life, environment, homes, etc and ask them to write about it. Later you can even ask them to create a glogster, moviemaker or animoto.


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