Twitter as Book Response Task

Sometimes you don’t need to assign your students with certain tasks, just give them a tool and watch what happens.

After discussing the book together, I divided them into groups and told them they are going to write a twitter chat based on the novel. That was it! They were very  eager to start their work and I just said, “you are free, come up with something you will like”



In the end they said they loved it because they felt they were very creative 🙂

A fun challenge

 olympus 15-07-09 backup 1 yıllık 046Christmas is a time when we come together with our families or share the joy of the kids at home or remember people who need our help, affection or concern.

For us, the EFL teachers, Christmas is a time when we try to do fun activities with our classes.

Watching the movie, About a boy, with my students and listening to the Christmas song Will’s father wrote rang a bell and I just jotted down the ideas to start this project. I’ll do it with my classes but if you want to join us, please don’t hesitate, we will be very happy. I created a Wiki(it’s my first for a project) and now I’ll wait and see what I’ll collect.

Reading Project

In our school, this year we are trying the project based learning. In each term a school subject is chosen and the project topic is given to the students. Then we group them, give all the necessary meeting dates, deadlines, rubrics, etc. We ask them to find and generate a problem. Usually, in class we brainstorm the ideas and come up with a problem. The challenge is they have to match the problem, topic with all the subjects that they are studying. (Of course, as long as it is possible) This year with my grade 11 students we are reading THE GREAT GATSBY. The project will be something related with the novel. Their problem is or let me say thir project topic is ‘How does the concept of American Dream affect the other cultures?’ That was something they came up with.Before we started reading the book, I wanted them to research the followings.

THE GREAT GATSBY                                                    




a.  Where was Fitzgerald born?

b.  What is his family background?

c.  When did he meet Zelda Sayre?

e.  What was Zelda’s background?

f.  How did the Fitzgeralds live?

h.  What happened to Fitzgerald in the last years of his life?




When did it start? When and how did it end? Why was it called The Jazz Age?



What was prohibited in some states in the USA during 1920s? What happened as a consequence of this?

What does ‘bootlegger’ mean?



What does American Dream mean?



What qualities should a person have to be called ‘GREAT’?

They have already prepared some posters from GLOGSTER and some slide shows from ANIMOTO.

Actually I’m looking forward to seeing the result as this year I can also guide them to prepare much better presantations using the Web 2.0 tools.

I will also be very happy if you could also help me to guide my students to prepare something amazing.


With my year 11 students we will read The Great Gatsby. I’ve assigned them a research and wanted them to prepare a poster using one of the web 2.0 tools.  I published the task on the class blog . I created a voki and she gave the instructions. I also created a slide show with Animoto, thinking that all these will help them create something different than they had done in the previous years.
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