Post-reading activities for the readers

With my intermediate and upper-intermediate students,we read readers in the classroom. They are abridged but with some activities, we try to analyze the texts as much as possible.

This is how I assigned them after we read The Grapes of Wrath

1. Choose a character and write a description

2. Write a book review.

3. Write a song lyric or a poem describing the events

4. You’re a newspaper reporter and took the photos of the migrant workers while working or while travelling. Write a diary entry explaining your feelings.

5. How is life similar to journey. Discuss.

6. Create an animation for the book using goanimate or xtranormal.

7. Write how the story continued for one of the characters.

You can also see some activities that we did before we started reading the book here.

Pre and Post Activities

Create your own Animation

Why do we use pre activities before a reading text or a speaking topic?

1. to raise learners’ awareness

2. to wake them up

3. to generate ideas

4. to learn the necessary vocabulary that may appear in the text or conversation

5. to stimulate discussion

Why do we use post activities after the reading text or the writing task or even after the grammar practice?

1. to practise

2. to create content

3. to develop accuracy and fluency

4. to develop self-confidence

5. to feel more resonsible for their own learning

Can you please help and add more? I need some brainstorming.