ZooBurst, 3D pop-up storytelling tool for your class






ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets you create your own 3D pop-up books by uploading pictures and adding text.

ZooBurst is also a very secure tool for young learners as its target users are teachers and students. If you choose the premium account you can have a class dashboard and control your students’ works easily.

If you have a webcam installed on your computer, you can also experience any ZooBurst book in Augmented Reality. You can create stories on your computer or iPad. If you are using the free account, you can create 10 books and your online pop-up book created with ZooBurst can be embedded in any website or blog.

I rarely read user manuals or watch tutorials, I sign up and fight with the tool for some time but I know some of you are not like me. Here you can read the detailed user manual of ZooBurst.


Two things I’m doing nowadays

I’m doing something new this year.

I’m moderating an EVO session DigitalStorytelling4Kids with great educators you know very well. Shelly Terrell, Özge Karaoglu, Marisa Constantinides, Esra Girgin, Jennifer Verschoor, David Dodgson, Michelle Worgan, Juan Uribe and our EVO Mentor is Elizabeth Anne.

The next one is the “Story Sharing Web Conference” organized by British Council Turkey. I’ll be moderating a web conference for the first time with a great team Sirin Soyoz, Adam Simpson, Asli Saglam, Gulnur Sahin and amazing Heike Philp who has been training us since summer for this event.

If you are interested in digital storytelling, have a look at the course. Teachers around the world are doing amazing things on the posterous blog. You will find lots of inspiration!

And If you believe in the importance of stories in our lives, have a look at the details, register and join us.

Story Sharing Web – Conference ‘Saturday 9th – Sunday10th February 2013’ from British Council Turkey on Vimeo.

EVO, Digitalstorytelling4kids and the tool of the week

I took a challenge this month. Yes, it’s EVO time and there are wonderful sessions for every teacher’s needs. As I’m a big fan of using digital tools in the classroom I decided to take the Digital Storytelling for Young Learners. The course is moderated by a dream team, Shelly Terrell, Esra Girgin, Barbara Sakamoto, Özge Karaoglu, Jennifer Verschoor, David Dodgson, Michelle Worgan, and Sabrina De Vita. I’m very busy with lots of so many things these days, but from the very first day I realised how correct my decision was to be at the course.

The course has three working spaces:

  1. The wiki, for assigning tasks and tutorials.
  2. Yahoo group for discussions
  3. Posterous for showcasing participants’ digital stories.

As in all courses, the sessions started with greetings and introductions. The first task was very creative and the digital introductions were great. I learned new tools, saw how others used the ones that I love and use and saw how others used the ones that I didn’t like but seeing them convinced me to go back and try them again.

I discovered Google Search Stories via Esra Girgin’s introduction and I loved it very much.

It is very easy to use:

Just type in your searches and select the kind of results that is most suitable for your story. You add music and send it to YouTube to share it with the world.

I’m planning to use it

  • To introduce a topic
  • As a pre-reading and awareness raising activity before starting to read a short story or a novel

And also I will ask my students to use it

  • To summarise the story they’ve read
  • To introduce a topic

And I’m sure I’ll come up with something else later, but if you do please, tell me.

And you can watch my stories, the 1st one is a poem from our Comenius project reading list by the Nobel winner Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska


and an idea how to assign a writing task for my students