Window Swap

I discovered #windowswap last year and I just loved it. It may be because I love doors and windows, or it may be because I can’t travel anymore because of the pandemic, or it may be because I’m a teacher and this project is a great resource for any speaking and writing lesson.

In a nutshell, Window Swap is a website that lets you travel virtually (kind of). Well, imagine you are in a city, staying in an #airbnb. This is what #windowswap brings into my mind. I’m travelling again!

Imagine sitting by the window of your Airbnb and watching the street sipping your coffee, listening to the rain or children playing nearby! Bliss! That gives a sense of normality, that gives a sense of possibility that things will go back to normal again.

PS: You can also record the view from your window and submit it to the website.


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