I call my approach C-elt



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I really enjoyed reading the posts of my PLN about their teaching styles. I thought we have lots of things in common, the flexibility, being student centred, etc. However, I tried to name my style. I guess it is more or less similar but let’s look at the classroom as a kitchen with me.

Yes, I decided to associate my teaching with cooking. I love cooking. It is relaxing. It allows you to create things by mixing the most common ingredients. Cooking cheers me up and I love watching the faces when they eat the food I cook.

Cooking is very similar to teaching because cooking is a process that you choose your ingredients, tools and methods and create very delicious meals. Sometimes although you use the same ingredients, the result can be totally different from the previous ones then you should be careful to season or decorate it before you serve.

So the kitchen is my classroom. I have many fool proof recipes that I heavily rely on if things are though. These recipes are from people I trust. I’ve been using them for years and they work well.

Sometimes I have limited ingredients in my kitchen. Then I try to season the food with the herbs I have. Even the simplest dish can become something delicious if you know which herb you can use with the ingredients you have.

There are days that I usually don’t have any idea what to put on the table. I tend to improvise then. Some left-overs, some must-have-ready-made food on the shelves will rescue me.

And of course there are those special days that I can have tonnes of ingredients and time to prepare a feast.

If I need to name this approach I will call it C-elt ( cooking-elt).

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