Whenever you lose hope …


Go and open the door.

May be outside there’s

a tree, or a wood,

a garden,

or a magic city.


Go and open the door.

Maybe a dog’s rummaging

Maybe you’ll see a face,

or an eye,

or the picture

of a picture.


Go and open the door.

If there’s a fog

It will clear.


Go and open the door.

Even if there’s only

the darkness ticking,

even if there’s only

the hollow wind,

even if


is there,

go and open the door.


At least

there’ll be a draught.

                          Miroslav Holub



Well, I’m sure we all feel desperate sometimes. We feel they (the students) don’t work enough, they don’t try enough or we are the ones who work hard, even harder than them, even harder than we used to study when we were students.

We feel desperate even the ones who chose to study languages don’t do their best or cannot see the necessity of self-study. If they don’t write the stories that they have to write, read the books they are assigned to read, do the homework to help them improve their skills. We think what’s the use?

What’s the use of all these glamorous tools, new methods , student-centered attitudes?

If we start thinking like this, I think we should read this poem.

I’m well aware that there are kids who lack self-confidence, who have problems at home, who have too many problems to tackle with.

Yes I know behind every door, there is a kid to be discovered.

One is not enough…

If they trust in you there will be more…

Not just the draught but I can feel the silhouettes sitting in the dark and every year I love to open the door….




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