PLN, this is 4 U…

This year was different.

Now I feel much better.

I know I’m a  good teacher. (that’s what my husband calls me)


I thought I was stuck somewhere trying to motivate myself.

I was thinking I was tired. (may be needed a break)

I was thinking I needed praise. (my students often wrote thank you notes or letters while graduating or call me and come to see me after the graduation… No, that was not what I wanted. I’ve already had them.)

Who am I?

Just an ordinary EFL teacher trying to do her best.

I was alone.

I felt like an alien sometimes.

Then suddenly I found out there are others…

They think they used to be  alone too.

Complete strangers thinking just like me.

They are called PLN, just learned…

They try hard to keep up with the changes.

They try to help if one of them needs help

They try to motivate, support, enthuse …

They are there to collaborate……

Thank you PLN for making a difference for all of us this year…