A Fun Filler

I think writing is very important because when you write you can improve yourself. Writing games are also great activities. Here is one  for you.


  • You can do it as a whole class activity if you have a small group. If you have more than 20 students may be you can do it as a group activity setting time limit.
  • Choose a secretary to note down all the words on the board.
  • Start with a word. Let’s say SCHOOL. (You can be more creative than me and find an other enjoyable one.)
  • The first student should say something that associates with SCHOOL.
  • You should continue until everyone says a word.
  • Then you can ask your students to write a story, an article or a dialogue using all the words written on the board.

May be I can adapt this for the first day of the activity to function as a motivator but I have to find a good starting word.

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