Teaching Speaking in EFL Classroom with the Help of ChatGPT


In the next academic year, I’m planning to teach my students how to benefit from AI and show them that it’s not here for them to cheat and if they can learn how to use it, they will benefit from it a lot.

Last year, I used ChatGPT to create lessons and exercises. I didn’t introduce it in class as a tool. However, some students used it to cheat and got caught so this year, from the very beginning, I’ll tell them that AI is just another tool, and we should learn how to use it.

Teaching English is challenging, especially when it comes to developing students’ speaking skills. Many learners feel uncomfortable or lack confidence when speaking in class. In traditional classroom settings, we can’t always give them a lot of opportunity to practise what they have learnt. However, if used correctly, ChatGPT or any other AI can be an effective tool to teach speaking to the learners.

Here is an idea:

Tell ChatGPT that you will need to practise speaking for a speaking exam and then provide some topics.

Ask the tool to generate some questions.

Once you do that, it lists you some questions and then instructs you to answer any or all of the questions so that it can provide feedback and corrections if needed.

If you answer the questions with one short sentence, it tells you how to expand your answer. When you give a longer answer, it provides examples with more advanced vocabulary.

As a follow up, in the class, you can focus on the structures and vocabulary it uses and practise more on them.

What do you think? How can we use A.I to teach and practise speaking in EFL classroom more effectively?


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