Some Cool Vocabulary Games

One of the most problematic areas while studying English is learning vocabulary. There are some vocabulary games I’ve already written on this blog but I’ve compiled a few more here as these games may help remembering new vocabulary by repetition. So here is the list of games that can be adapted to any level and age.

  • Word Ladders: Write a starting word on the board, and challenge students to change it, one letter at a time, into a final word. For example, the starting word might be “cat,” and the final word might be “dog.” Students could change “cat” to “cot,” “dot,” and “dog” by changing one letter at a time. This game can be played individually or in pairs.
  • Vocabulary Auction: Give students a list of vocabulary words and a budget of imaginary money. They must bid on the words they think are most valuable, with the price being determined by the difficulty of the word. The student or team with the most valuable vocabulary at the end wins.
  • Word Snap: Divide students into pairs and give each pair a set of vocabulary cards. Students take turns flipping over a card and saying the word, and the first student to say a word that starts with the same letter “snaps” the card and gets a point. The student with the most points at the end wins.
  • Word Hot Potato: Have students stand in a circle and pass a ball or object while saying a vocabulary word. The student who has the ball when the timer goes off must define the word they are holding, and the game continues until all words have been defined.
  • Word Building Relay: Divide students into teams and give each team a set of vocabulary cards. The first student on each team draws a card and must say the word, and the next student must use the last letter of the previous word to make a new word. The team that finishes first wins.
  • Memory Game: Write a list of vocabulary words on the board or in a document and give students a minute to memorize them. Then, remove the words and challenge students to write down as many as they can remember.
  • Flashcard Shuffle: Write a list of vocabulary words on flashcards and shuffle them. Have the student flip over a card and define the word, and then shuffle the cards again. Repeat until all words have been defined.


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