Caption it!

Some of the activities I wrote need to be updated because of the online teaching. I had written a few posts about using photos in class. Today I updated one of them. Here is a caption writing activity for the virtual classroom. The previous posts are here , here and here

  • Tell students to take a photo and email it to you.
  • Start a Jamboard.
  •  Depending on the size of the class, arrange Jamboard pages with several photos on.
  • Tell students they will work in breakout rooms in groups and write captions fort he photos.
  • Tell breakout room 1 will work on page 1, BOR 2 will work on page 2, BOR 3 will work on page 3, etc.
  • Once they finish, tell them to read at least 3 captions from the other groups and put a tick to the one he/she like best.


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