Can Comenius Change A Thing? The Last Stop…




Two years ago, we started our project in Puciosa, a small town in Romania. I didn’t know what was expecting us. I didn’t know what I should expect. Yet I had a feeling that everything would be great …

We were in Lamia from April 14th to 19th. Our partner is a Music school so we all knew the meeting would have some music in it.

On Sunday, Our Greek friends took us from the bus stop. Kids went with their hosts and we headed to our hotel. Our Greek friends were warm and friendly and very generous. Moreover they were very kind.

Lamia is a little city and on a sunny Sunday morning I fell in love with it. Seeing the orange trees, smelling the flowers filled us with joy. Life was good.


On Monday we were in the school and it was an excellent opening ceremony for the project meeting. A concert was waiting for us. And it was a real concert… The students and the teachers performed with their various orchestras. It was a sheer bliss. Then we watched the wonderful presentation of the beautiful Lamia. A student on his bike toured the city going up and down the hills, the steps and wait … They said ”We assigned the students and they came up with this”.

During the week, we worked hard as usual but we also had chance to see magnificent places. Greece, the land of philosophers, writers, historians… Greece, the land of proud, humble people… Everybody in the Music School of Lamia worked hard to make the event unforgettable; the teachers, parents and the students. Words are not enough to explain my feelings. I’m glad that my eyes have seen… I know the smell of honeysuckles will remind me of the friendly people and the beautiful days we spent in Lamia.



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