We are about to end another academic year. In some ways it was fruitful and in other ways, I had some disappointments. Some students did very well. Some, however, were happy with their moderate improvement.

Every year I ask students to write feedback twice. One two months later we meet and one at the end of the year. They all wrote great things, saying they are happy with the change and the improvement. I wish I were less demanding.

I believe one of the greatest end of the year activity is to get feedback from the learners on the course, teaching style, what went right, what went wrong, the course book and the other materials, the games, etc.

You can ask your students to start their portfolios at the beginning of the year and present some of their products at the end of the year, explaining why they have chosen to talk about them. I will definitely do this one next year.

On an A4 size paper they will write notes for their friends, telling them how they liked spending time together, why they liked their friendship and all the positive things that comes to their mind about that person. So for each student there must be a sheet of paper. When a student writes his/her note for his/her friend, ask them to fold and pass the paper to the student next to them. When they finish, collect the papers and add your thoughts as well. (Do this if you are sure they have  good rapport/friendship with each other)

Create a class yearbook. Devote your last lessons to create it. Decide the format, the cover, choose some photos and write about the lessons they enjoyed, the trips, enjoyable moments they spent together as a class, the books they read, advice for the new comers, a short or an acrostic poem for each student, etc. If you are happy with result and if they agree to be published, you can do it online using youblisher or any other tool.

Suggest them some apps and sites to practice English.

I’ve just come across with the following apps. I deliberately chose the free ones.

10 Minute English

Some British Council Apps

Listening Master


Some sites to practice English

English Central

ESOL Courses

Lyrics Training

English Club.com


LearnEnglish Kids


You can also create a google document and ask them to write short reviews of the apps or/and the sites they use.






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