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Life is too hectic these days and also I have many things to plan and arrange. Since the day I learned  I’ll be attending IATEFL this year, I’ve been very excited.

IATEFL has been a dream for me and I remember I wrote it in one of my posts last year. Well, when I had the chance to go to Yorkshire in August, I started to believe that dreams can come true and I took the challenge of the blogathon because of that. I got one of the silver awards as some of you may remember but maybe I have a fairy god mother, who knows?

I’ll arrive there with Susan Mordue from British Council, Turkey and Karin Tirasin, my blogathon sister, the winner of the gold award so the journey will be very enjoyable, I guess. Coffee and chat will be great together.

The conference is full of great talks and events. The plenary speakers and symposiums will be very useful and I believe I’m lucky for the workshops as I had the chance to listen to some of the presenters at the ISTEK International ELT conference, I’ll be able to attend the sessions I missed there.

I think the conference will be a great challenge for me as I’ll try to update my blog during the conference to share what I’ve learned with my PLN who won’t be able to attend the conference this year and will try to motivate my colleagues for the next year’s event as I learned dreams come true, their dreams can come true, too.

Conferences have become very popular among the enthusiastic teachers who have a Personal Learning Network and IATEFL will be a great meeting point and I’m sure although we become tired, we will have time to chat and share ideas.

The only thing which makes me a little sad is that I will miss watching and supporting my kids at the gymnastics competitions which will be held on 14th and 15th of April 🙁

A great team has started the British Council IATEFL Blog, don’t miss their posts and meet the great team who will share what is going on in Brighton.

British Council IATEFL blog

British Council IATEFL blog

3 comments on “A Journey to IATEFL
  1. Can’t wait! I am soooo happy you’re coming too! I checked out our hotel today and it looks great. Once you’ve decided what sessions to go see let’s compare notes. Perhaps you can help me with some of my coin flipping?!?

  2. It’ll be great to meet up with all those avatars! I followed the last IATEFL online, and wondered why I hadn’t paid much attention before… I just hope that I get as much out of it as I can…

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