Pre and Post Activities

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Why do we use pre activities before a reading text or a speaking topic?

1. to raise learners’ awareness

2. to wake them up

3. to generate ideas

4. to learn the necessary vocabulary that may appear in the text or conversation

5. to stimulate discussion

Why do we use post activities after the reading text or the writing task or even after the grammar practice?

1. to practise

2. to create content

3. to develop accuracy and fluency

4. to develop self-confidence

5. to feel more resonsible for their own learning

Can you please help and add more? I need some brainstorming.

2 comments on “Pre and Post Activities
  1. Pre activities are useful to set the context of what students are supposed to do.

    Post activities are useful to make students use what they have learnt and in that way, make it memorable.

  2. Hi Eva!

    Pre activities make students receptive because they wake them up to what they already know about the subject
    They let them predict what to expect with the help and support of the whole class so that the individual learning barrier is lower

    Post activities can take the learners through all the levels of processing, from recognizing to reconstructing to analyzing and personalizing all the way through to free production. Talking this over with collegeagues a few weeks ago, we found we usually jump too quickly to production and should do more different kinds of post activity!

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