Using Photos in EFL Classrooms, Part 2

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If you are working on a “theme” that you think can be photographed easily, you can ask your students take photos and add them to the Padlet wall you’ve created for that specific “theme” and ask students to write what made them to take the photo, how they felt about that photo. You may also ask them to describe the photo or write a few words to predict what will happen after the moment they took the photo. You can also ask them to write captions for the photos they have taken.

If you haven’t used Padlet before, you can check one of my previous posts here 

And here is the Padlet wall I created for this post as an example.

Padlet, an old friend with new features

I want to share some features of Padlet or with its former name wallwisher. Padlet is an online noticeboard. They say

“We give you a blank wall.

You put anything you want on it, anywhere.

Simple, yet powerful”




All you have to do is to sign up if you don’t have an account and start creating your wall. I really love the idea of keeping it as a pdf file and printing the wall for the displaying on the real classroom walls.


padlet 3


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