I’m an EFL teacher, founder of Dream2Edu, a small business which holds creative writing and reading workshops for kids, a teacher trainer and a blogger. I’m @dream2edu on twitter.

If you want me to deliver workshops for your school or review a paid tool or app you have you can email me.

If the tool is free, I’ll be happy to review on my blog as long as it is relevant to my content.



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  1. Hello…
    I`m also an EFL teacher looking forward to meeting colleagues around the world and share new ideas and common interests.
    Best wishes,
    Julia Kalaputi

    • Hi Julia,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s nice to know that people are reading my posts. I’ll do my best to improve my blog.I believe we all have many things to learn from each other. I hope you’ll come back.

  2. Dear Eva,
    I was one of the attendants in your workshop on Wednesday. You were wonderful. Thank you for all that invaluable information you shared with us. I really enjoyed and benefited so much. I wish you even more success in the following course of your career.
    Erdem Yildirim

  3. Hi there! I dropped over here from Janet B.’s blog. We have a lot in common — about everything on your Glogster thingy (cool) applies to me, except my two kids aren’t twins. I have been teaching English for 20 years, though!

    I’m not new to blogging but am just starting my teaching blog. It’s not easy with so much wonderful stuff already out there.

    I signed up for the Images TESOL course like Janet, but maybe we’ll run into each other on the Web in the future.

  4. Dear Eva,

    I discovered your blog through blogathon. I really liked your blog and become more interested in your use of technology. My institution (Cankaya University, Ankara) is organizing a symposium on e-learning practices in secondary education and I wonder if you’d like to share your e-experiences in the symposium. If you are interested and available on 16th of April, could you please contact me. Thanx.

  5. Hi Eva,
    I found you on the aroundtheworldwith80schools network. My classes in Australia would have loved to have skyped you but the time difference is no good.
    I’m looking for classes in different cultures which my students can talk to as part of celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th. Would you have girls in Years 7 – 10 who would be interested in this kind of discussion? I’d like them to talk about the lives of girls/women around the world. Maybe we could use some sort of chat/email forum seeing as skype will not be an option?

  6. Hello Eva
    I am an EFL teacher in Mexico and I have subscribed to your blog since the first teacher challenge. You have so much to share that I added you to my feed-reader.

    As an EFL teacher in a public university, I manage two active blogs, one for my professional development classes http://teachingknowledge.wordpress.com and one for an Academic Writing class I teach to advanced level students. http://writingcu.wordpress.com.

    I am currently looking for mentors to read my writing class students’ blogs. It is the first time all of my students are blogging and they are thrilled. Everytime they see the cluster map grow new red dots they start proofreading with more detail.

    Would you be able to direct me in you PLN to any EFL teacher that would like to share commenting with his or her writing class at the university level with my students? I am looking for a writing circle for 22 students.

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  8. Dear Eva,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you for maintaining a nice blog. I have a small suggestion for you. I saw links to various English learning websites in your blogroll but 1 link was missing. I think you have not seen an amazing website for learning English online which is http://www.englishleap.com . I would request you to list this website in your blogroll.

    Hope you will keep my request.


  9. hello
    I am an MA TEFL student from Iran.I am working on the advantages and disadvantages of using blog for development of academic writing skill.I would be pleased if you could mention your point of view about advantages and disadvantages of using blog.

    with bestregard

  10. Hi, I am an ELT formator and etymologist who works as a teacher of English at a private school. At regular intervals, I give conference to my colleagues over linguistics and methodology. My dearest teacher offered me about this website and I had a keen look at it and found it really beneficial. thanks a lot…

  11. Hi Eva, teacher from Poland just stole your idea on past cont song (ive chosen John Lennon), i’ve adapted it a bit, we’ll see how it goes…:)

  12. This is a gold mine! Thank you for sharing all these ideas and tricks here. I am in awe of your organisational skills as well. I will definitely visit your blog again!

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