Diffit is an amazing tool. It saves teachers time by helping them create personalized resources that are just right for each student’s needs. With Diffit, teachers have the flexibility to create their own resources or use articles and videos from the internet to generate exercises. ( it also provides sources from the internet that you can click and check if the data is correct) One of the best parts is that you can easily edit the exercises and even choose from a variety of cool templates. The other is It is completely free at the moment.

Diffit allows teachers to differentiate instruction. This means that teachers can provide resources that are tailored to different levels of difficulty. It’s not designed for the needs of English Language Teaching (ELT) so it doesn’t provide you a selection of CEFR criteria to choose while generating resources. However, you can adapt the difficulty level of the text by choosing the class grades.

You can easily share the exercises Diffit creates on Google Docs, Forms, and Slides, which makes it very convenient for  teachers to set collaborative tasks and track progress. The tool really shortens teacher prep time, providing several fancy exercise templates to print out or share on Google Apps.

To get started with Diffit, all you need to do is visit their website and sign up with your Google account.

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