Giving Effective Feedback In Writing Classes


Recently I’ve been busy giving a lot of feedback and there are times I really find it very challenging. Reading a lot of papers is hard work. However, the content of the feedback is more challenging than reading the students’ papers. That’s why I just want to focus on giving feedback for a while and in the next term, I’m also planning to think about it more.

Here are a few ideas that I remember while giving feedback.

Instead of trying to correct all the grammar or spelling errors, focus on the overall structure, organisation, idea development and coherence of the student’s work.

When pointing out areas for improvement, be specific about what the student needs to do to improve. Instead of simply saying “this is not good,” explain what the student can do to make it better.

Although it is the most difficult one to achieve, encourage self-reflection. I don’t think my students managed to do this one this term, but I think I should find a way to help them understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure to provide positive and effective feedback while pointing out what they need to improve. This will help students to stay motivated and focused. Hearing about just the weaknesses in their work will only demotivate them and eventually, they may give up.

Provide students with additional resources to help them improve. This could include additional practice exercises, sample essays, etc. Reading sample essays will help them improve their writing. In addition, seeing weaker essays can also help them reflect on their writing.

when giving feedback, our goal is to help our students improve. It’s important to be clear with feedback, but also to be encouraging.

In short, giving feedback on students’ written work is an important part of the learning process. It helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses. So we should be provide both positive and negative feedback to help them improve themselves.

Here you can read and watch more about giving feedback

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