Newsletters in Class

In this post, I will write about two tools that can be used to create newsletters.

Substack is an online platform. It allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers.Subtrack is free but authors can decide to make subscription to their newsletter free or paid.

You can use Subtrack as a blogging platform too. It’s simple and straightforward, and easier to use compared to the blogging platforms.

I haven’t tried this but Substack says if you already have an audience on WordPress, Tumblr, or another platform, you can easily import your posts and your email list in the Substack setup process.

Once you’ve signed up Substack, click ‘start writing’, then you are ready to publish your newsletter.

When setting up, you will be prompted to choose a publication name and URL and to write a one-line description.

You can choose from four types of posts to work from: standard text-based posts, discussion threads, podcast, and video (currently in beta).

Before publishing your own Substack, you can search other Substacks and have an idea what to publish or how they look.

To subscribe the newsletter you don’t have to have a Substack account. While writing this post, I wanted to try to create my newsletter with Substack

Do you think I should continue creating my newsletter?

Canva also has a similar function. When you subscribe with the school email. It is free and it provides beautiful newsletter templates but you can’t subscribe to the newsletter via email. You can dowload and print your newsletter or share it on social media or via email with the URL.

How can we use Substack with our student?

Apart from sending the newsletters to parents to showcase students’ work or promote school, we can use them to encourage students to write for real audiences. We can also use the archives of the newsletter in our future classes.


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