What I Know About English


I’d like to share a few activities that I’ve been using with my classes. These activities can be used as ‘getting to know’ activities at the beginning of the new terms.

Level A1/A2

Age: All

Songs and Movies

Tell your students to list the titles of books films songs TV series that they know in English then ask them to translate the titles into mother tongue.
Write all the titles on the board.
Write:  I think X was boring/ interesting
I loved X
I didn’t like X
I enjoyed X because it was interesting/fun
I didn’t like it because it was boring/bad

I feel 

Brainstorm a list of adjectives that I the class already knows such as hungry, thirsty, happy, sad, sleepy etc. Provide the class with the following structure: At 8 o’clock in the morning I feel hungry. Then tell your students to write four or five sentences about their daily routines and how they feel during that time of the day. As a follow up you can put your students into pairs then ask them to create a character and write about his or her daily routine with the title A Day in the Life of.

Likes and Dislikes

Write some words on the board such as: travel, dog, studying, school holiday. As you write on the board elicit ideas from the learners too. Tell students to choose a few things that they like best and a few things that they don’t like at all.
Write your example sentence on the board I like dogs because they are friendly. I don’t like hot weather because I feel very tired on hot days. Then ask your students to write sentences about themselves.

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