Another Jamboard Idea: Brainstorming For A ‘Pros and Cons’ Essay

Write the topic in the center of your Jamboard.

Share the link with your students.

Set time limit.

Ask them to write anything that comes into their mind related to the topic on the sticky notes.

Once they’ve finish brainstorming their ideas, duplicate the Jamboard page, add advantages and disadvantages as headings, ask your students to move the ideas to the appropriate columns.

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2 comments on “Another Jamboard Idea: Brainstorming For A ‘Pros and Cons’ Essay
  1. I find it really attractive, it’s a different way to make students bring their ideas to the class.
    What I have tried for brainstorming is Padlet, it works good for me, but I think I’ll try a Jamboard with my teens. Thanks in advance.

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