There is/There are: A No-Prep Activity

  • Level: A1
  • Age: All
  • Materials: Pen, paper (crayons with younger learners)
  • Time: 40-45 minutes
  • Skills: writing, reading, speaking, listening

Tell students to think about a place. It can be a street, park, beach, room, etc. Tell them to write what they see in this place using there is/ there are and prepositions of place.Monitor and help with the problems they have.  When they finish their descriptions. Put them in pairs. Tell them they will describe their pictures and their friends will draw them. The plan is this

  • Student A will read the description. Student B will draw.
  • Student B will read the description. Student A will draw.

When they finish drawing. They will show the pictures to the class and talk about it.


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