Pack Your Suitcase

New Year means new hopes… It is a good time to start over and continue, especially in such challenging times. This year has been very tough. Pandemic, being away from our loved ones, not being able to touch, not being able to hug… In fact, all these dystopic things made us realize how actually precious what we have in hand was/is. The little things such as going for a walk with a friend, sitting and chatting at a cafe, crying on a shoulder, hugging whenever you feel to hug…

We, teachers moved to a brand-new way of teaching overnight. The techy ones, non-techy ones, we were on the same train, trying to do our best to help students. That’s why I wanted to add a positive writing activity fort his time of the year. I’ve used many activities with a suitcase, backpack, which were mainly to reflect on the previous year, but this will be for the hopes and the expectations for the moments we have. Sounds a cliche but I couldn’t come up with another one. So here it is:

What will put in my suitcase?

We are going on a new journey in 2021. That’s why you have to pack your suitcase, but we will not put clothes in this suitcase. We will put our expectations, goals, hopes, books we want to read, movies we want to watch, bands we want to watch on stage.  After packing the suitcase, write a diary entry or a blog post or if you want, shoot a vlog.

May 2021 be a good year… A good year in which we will improve, have and save good stories and be together with our loved ones 🙂


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