Two Past Simple Activities

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This week I’m teaching Past Simple Tense so I decided to add a creative activity where students will force themselves to use the vocabulary they have learned so far. I wrote a short story in past tense but this activity can be easily adapted to all the grammar topics.

So here is my story:

Target language: Past simple and vocabulary revision

Level: A2

Read the story:

Last Sunday

Hi, my name is Betty. I’m going to tell you about our last Sunday. It was a typical lazy Sunday. We were at home. My mom decided to read a book so she made herself a cup of coffee and curled up on the sofa with her book. I had an exam to study so I stayed in my room and I studied for my test. It was boring and I felt tired. My father played some old songs and he drank a lot of coffee. The dog slept all day. My brother went out for a short walk as he said he needed some exercise.

A) Answer the questions:

  1. What day was that?
  2. What did the mother do?
  3. Why did Betty stay in her room?
  4. What did the father listen?
  5. Did Betty’s brother take the dog for a walk?

B) Change this story by changing one word from each sentence:


It was an interesting Sunday. We were at the beach …..

Song suggestion with an exercise:



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