A quick Lesson for Valentine’s Day






Using paper, prepare heart-shaped cut-outs, as shown below.


Give students the handout. Ask them to complete the categories with the given words, phrases. Or you can prepare your own categories according to your students’ likes.

A piece of cake, a piece of chocolate, a piece of apple pie, a slice of pizza, a big hamburger, a parrot, a tiny kitten, a friendly dog, goldfish, sister, brother, grandmother, friend, cousin, a cup of hot chocolate, a cup of tea, a glass of fruit juice, sea, mountain, lake, river, city, town

Food People Pets Drinks Places

Then give them heart-shaped cut-outs and tell them they are going to create their heart-shaped books. On each heart they will write

Love is …

and continue with the phrases from the categories or they can add their own words or phrases. Tell them to illustrate and colour their books.

7 comments on “A quick Lesson for Valentine’s Day
  1. Hi! My name is Allison Brooks and I am enrolled in the EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama and I was assigned to follow and comment on your blog posts! I commented last week on your post about #Bett2015 and the many programs including: Creaza and Mindomo,and it was awesome! I hope that I can visit that venue one day! Anyways, I love this lesson plan idea! I will definitely keep it in mind when I start my teaching career. I especially liked how you have the students still writing words and learning what they are and what they mean by putting them in categories all the while coordinating with Valentines Day! Such a great idea!

  2. That’s a great idea! It expands well on the usual cut out a heart and draw a family/what you love on it.

    I’ve lurked about your blog for a while, but am on my way out of the teaching profession (back to accounting).

    I used a lot of videos to help my students open up. I put together a website to share my videos for free (they are about Starbucks, space exploration, etc). Hopefully, you find it useful!


  3. This is a great idea! I will most definitely use this in my classroom. I am a student enrolled at the University of South Alabama also, and I have really enjoyed looking at your blog!

    I know students enjoy being creative, so adding this in to their learning is very important. The most important thing to me is making sure my students are learning and enjoying the process of education, not dreading it.

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