Another Cool Tool I’ll use this year, ReBeats

Regular readers of this blog know that I LOVE using songs in my classes. Since the summer is here, I now have the chance to keep up with the things I’ve missed. First I discovered a beautiful tool (AnswerGarden) that I’ll use next year with my students and even at my presentations at the conferences. Then I came across with ReBeats, a tool that gives the learners a chance to play with songs on YouTube videos. Apparently it’s in its beginning stages and works only on computers and in random mode. You can’t choose a song to play but you can skip to the next random song by pausing the game.I’m planning to use it with 1 on 1 lessons and I’ll also recommend it to my students. I’m sure they’ll love it. The site can also be a good alternative for Friday afternoons when you feel the students are bored and waiting for the bell to ring 🙂





4 comments on “Another Cool Tool I’ll use this year, ReBeats
  1. Eva,

    Thanks for sharing this – like you, love music as a focus. Like the site and is a great example for ed tech developers – how to maintain low cognitive load on the learner and also use gamification.

    My only problem is how this will develop. Usually the music industry (nazis) just destroy sites like this ….

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for the comment. You’re right about the music industry and this was exactly what I’ve been thinking. We’ll watch and see how it’ll develop, meanwhile I’ll use it with my 1 on 1 lessons to finish the lesson 🙂

  2. Hi guys,

    We are Tonguesten, the company behind ReBeats, so we wanted to ease your worries on the survival aspect! We know the music industry extremely well (our CEO is an expert) and we know from them, directly, that the way for us to survive is to show demand from education and lots of users.

    So the more people who use it, the better. Don’t worry about music rights, we have all the licensing agreements in place that we need so that we won’t have any trouble.

    Just to update you, we are building new features all the tiem. Latest is that we have uploaded a simple leaderboard, we’re building a battle feature and also different ways to make the exercises harder if users choose to go up levels as they play.

    We really want to hear from everyone who tries it to get their feedback so please don’t feel shy to email us and thank you Eva for sharing and for this post!!!

    Maria 🙂

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