Fun Activities with Conditionals


1. Writing chain stories or even writing chain poems.

If you decide to do the chain poem writing activity, then give them a skeleton

If I drink coffee,

I’ll stay awake tonight

If I stay awake tonight,

I’ll fall asleep in the morning.

And if I fall asleep in the morning,

My teacher will be very angry.


2. Go and Open the Door

This activity was taken from Creative Poetry Writing by Jane Spiro.

3. Prepare conversation cards or even prepare conversation cards on PowerPoint or Google presentation.

4. Prepare 2 different sets of cards. You can use two different colours. One colour for If Clause, one colour for the result clause.

Divide the class into two and play tic-tac-toe or put them in groups and tell them the first group who matches the halves will be the winner.

5. Songs are great for teaching or revising conditionals.

My favorites are:

  • If I were a boy (Beyonce)
  • If I had a Million Dollars (the BarenakedLadies)
  • Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
  • Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)
  • Hero (Enrique Iglasias)
  • Count on me (Bruno Mars)
  • California Dreaming (The mamas and Papas) 

6. A great list of fun activities on

7. Ask students to stand up and form a circle. Shout a half conditional sentence, throw the ball to a student and ask him to complete it.

8. Give students scrap paper, preferably used photocopies and tell them to write 5 half conditional sentences on. Then tell them to stand up and play snowball fights. Stop them when you think the fun is enough for them. Tell them to pick the closest snowball, go back to their seats and finish the sentences.

9. You can aslo find some fun activities here. 

10. Tell them to find out some superstitions from a different country and their own country and prepare a quiz or a poster.




23 comments on “Fun Activities with Conditionals
  1. Great activities! Thumbs up!
    I use dominoes for first conditional (a matching exercise).
    I introduce the second conditional with: If I had a million euros, I would… (students complete the sentence).
    As for the songs, my favourite is ‘Change’ by Lisa Stanfield.

  2. These activities sound interesting and very interactive! The snowball activity would be my favorite. I am an education major so learning new ideas is very exciting and helpful. I am glad I read this post!

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      • sorry that I’m a bit late. snowball fight is a game. You crumple paper and throw it to each other. Itis a great revision game. If you like you can write problems on the papers then play snowball and when the fight finishes, sts open the papers and write advice.

  4. I’ve just found your blog and I love it! I’m a Spanish teacher and would like to adapt some of these activities. What do you mean by ‘give them a skeleton’ on the first activity? Thank you!!

    • Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry for the late reply. The skeleton is the previously planned form of the poem. For example you may want them to write a poem using senses, the you can give them a worksheet with the skeleton of the poem. Happiness feels like —-, Happiness sounds like —–.
      Hope this helps.

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