Flipping My Class with Vintage Photos

Vintage Everyday  is a site I came across via Read.Now.Learn.Go, a fabulous site updated almost everyday, full of links to very interesting sites that you can use in the class.

I was thinking about an activity that my students could do before we start working on narrative tenses in the class and this is my plan

Go to Vintage Everyday

Choose a photo of the week we are in

Describe the picture answering the following questions

  • When was this photo taken?
  • How was the weather?
  • What was happening when this photo was taken?
  • What had happened before the photo was taken?

You can use the following words

After, before, while, as, when, as soon as

Then answer the followings

  • Which sentence tells that something happened before the photograph was taken?
  • Which sentence tells that something happened at the time the photo was taken?
  • Which sentence describes the weather?

Note: My students are teenagers and their level is B2



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2 comments on “Flipping My Class with Vintage Photos
  1. What a nice example of using technology and flipping the classroom to enhance learning.
    I have shared this post and the Read. Know. Learn. Go. site with my Dutch followers on twitter.

  2. Hi Eva!

    What a brilliant idea! And what a great site Vintage Everyday is. I can’t wait to start using this idea in my classes in the New Year. With younger and older students too!

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