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We have electricity, internet, smart phones, tablets, infinite technology. Yet our teenagers are not satisfied. Yet they don’t realize how they can develop themselves. Yet they can’t create anything.

I was watching CNN and just came across this great project: The Daylight Project

What a great lesson this will be …

I’m thinking…

Would love to hear from you as well …


One comment on “Creative Technology
  1. I agree with you, that this younger generation is a little less creative than when I was younger. I remember using my imagination and creating things with my hands. I was never board. Now days, you see teenagers text fifteen hundred text and they think that was an important achievement. Instead it is hindering their ability to write in complete sentence, and to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. I really enjoyed viewing the link that you provided. It was very inspirational. I think that it would be a get project to get your students involved in, to show that a community service is strong and it can always work for the greater good and the less fortunate.

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