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Before posting goal #1, I’m writing about goal#2

Avoid Burnout

Cambridge Dictionary online defines burnout as extreme tiredness or a feeling of not being able to work any more, caused by working too hard.

Whether we realize or not, we suffer from burnout from time to time. It can be because of the heavy workload we have. We work at schools, we have a life and we have to do the daily chores, we have a family to take care and above all, as teachers we want to do everything we do in a perfect way.

Do we have to be perfect?

Well, I’m sure we all know the answer but sometimes knowing the answer can’t even help.

Here you will find my tips for avoiding burnout

  1. Have ‘me’ time: don’t wait till the end. Spare some time for yourself to be alone with yourself.
  2. Spend time with family, your loved times, your friends: don’t talk about school and the things you have to when you’re with them.
  3. Do retail therapy: That’s the best medicine sometimes. Don’t wait till you need something. From time to time, think about yourself and buy something for yourself. Read A pair of silk stockings by Kate Chopin.
  4. When someone affords help, accept it.
  5. Build your own network. Get help whenever you need.
  6. Be organized: don’t allow work becoming heaps.
  7. Sometimes certain things are more important than the others. Do the most important thing first and don’t worry for the others.
  8. Cook, eat, read and become a tourist even in your own city.
  9. Sleep well.
  10. Take up a hobby, keep a diary, write poetry and listen to music.
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