No introduction is needed for this post. I love Beatles 🙂 I love using their songs in my lessons. Below I added some links which I had bookmarked for future use. I hope they will inspire us in the new school year.


1. 10 Stories Behind Beatles Songs

2. The Beatles information website. Links to the lyrics of the songs and a short information about the songs.

3. Behind the Beatles lyrics

4. What’s that Beatle song 
really about?

5. Beatles facts and trivia

6. Song facts

7. A Point of View: Why are the Beatles so popular 50 years on?

8. How to Use Beatles Songs to Teach English in the ESL Classroom:



11. The Beatles: A webquest

12. The Language of The Beatles’ Abbey Road [INFOGRAPHIC ]

13. A lesson idea

14. She is leaving home: A lesson plan:

15. When I’m 64: A lesson plan on my blog

16. A Fun afternoon in the class:

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