Can Comenius Project Change a Thing, part 5 ( at our school)

Finally we hosted our partner schools in Istanbul. My school was very glad to have this opportunity. We, the language department teachers worked very hard yet we enjoyed and learned a lot.

On the first day, after the short tour in the school, we gathered in the conference hall and presented ‘What Comenius means to us’. There were very experienced schools among us; however, the experienced and the inexperienced schools all had the common conclusion. Comenius projects are great opportunities to help us learn about each other.

We also had the chance to celebrate The Europe Day on 9th of May at school. We cooked traditional food in the school kitchen all together. Peeling, chopping, whipping was wonderful with the students and teachers. Our kitchen workers also enjoyed the experience very much although they got tired very much. When all the food was cooked, we headed to the school yard, and country had a stand with its flag. The teachers and the students served the food to the guests and enjoyed the lovely spring weather for a while. Then we headed to the conference hall and each team sang, danced and even taught their dances to the other groups.  It was a great evening and all of us left the school with wonderful memories.

We choose our story beginnings. We read paragraphs from the novel and recited Zahrad’s poems in many languages.

We organised day trips in Istanbul. It was difficult to show all the beautiful places around but at least we tried our best as a taster and also with a boat trip in an evening, we managed to show the most of the city.

The worst part was the ending. We cried a lot, we hugged each other, becoming friends once more, promising each other to keep in touch until the next meeting.

 This video is created by our 11 language department students for the ‘What Comenius means to us’. I really loved it and ı wanted to share it.

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