IATEFL Chronicles, Year 2

Day 1


I spent the weirdest night/morning on Saturday. I couldn’t even sleep before a long journey. When I was checking my handouts, my talk and all the other necessary papers, I realised that there was a mistake on the ticket. We, I don’t know how, but somehow booked the March 18th flight to Glasgow.

I remember talking about a free day to go to Edinburgh but then I gave up and decided to spend the Sunday with the kids. Obviously we misunderstood each other and until that night I knew I’d flight on Monday.

I didn’t even have an accommodation for Sunday night!

The flight was OK until Heathrow. When landed, my mobile didn’t accept the password and locked itself, telling that it was not correct! Getting used to these gadgets made our lives difficult. Knowing that I wouldn’t be connected for sometime was stressful. Then I called the operator and I had one new password but it was difficult to notice the public phones in Heathrow and when I discovered one in a smooth corner, I saw there are many in the seating areas.

The last thing on the journey was the delay of the Glasgow flight because of a cello. Luckily I managed to stay at the same hotel where I booked.

I hadn’t booked a PCE so I planned my trip to Edinburgh for Monday morning.

As I teacher who believes the power of storytelling it was gtreat to discover such a thing in a city.

It was a cold and windy day but I loved the city very much. I just had a walk around the old part of the city then came back to the hotel and headed to meet the friends at the reception.

Monday evening’s event was the karaoke and it was a great ice-breaker. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

When I arrived at my room, I even watched some interviews on IATEFL online. I watched Sirin Soyoz, one of the hardworking BC team and Adam Simpson, this year’s blogathon winner and Adam has great advice for those who are planning to participate to next year’s blogathon ( I do hope and wish, it will continue)


And now I’m getting ready for a four-day long, action-packed (as Janet wrote yesterday) conference. I’m hoping t find some useful ideas, confirm myself that what I’m doing in the classroom is right and meet old friends, new friends and also a little bit sightseeing.

You can follow IATEFL online from here or on twitter you can use #IATEFL for your searches.

Stay tuned I’ll continue…




2 comments on “IATEFL Chronicles, Year 2
  1. Eva
    I look forward to ‘being’ there through your sharing. Thanks so much for doing so.

    I have also enjoyed following you all year. You are an inspiration.
    Ellen in Mexico

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