Since I rediscovered tabblo, I’ve been playing with it. It is such a great tool and will spice up your lessons or presentations.

” is a great place for creating shareable online stories with your photos and words.”

You can upload or use flickr photos, add text, choose a layout to tell your stories. You can publish your tabblos on your blogs, wikis or send them to friends by email or print them and display on noticeboards and classroom walls. If you don’t want others to see them, just keep them private.

How can tabblos be used in EFL classroom?

1. To preapre the students for a reading text.

2. Great for homework. Ask students to create travel brochures, fashion pages, movie reviews.

3. Write summaries for stories, novels

4. Use tabblos as writing prompts

5. prepare visuals for the new words.


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