Can a Comenius Project change a Thing? Part 1


          team spirit



 joy from what they have been doing



            pride of the work they have been doing








 and many more …..

Sometimes sentences are not enough to describe certain things if you are not a talented author or a poet. People like me will find it difficult to do so.

The words and phrases above are to describe the teachers I met at Pucioasa, a little town in Romania. From 6th November to 12th November, we were at Coleguil National Nicolae Titulecu for our Comenius project. The Romanian school is the coordinator and everything was very well-organised by the Romanian team with the help of their wonderful headteacher Dana Mircea, teaching us the lesson of our life.

C.N.N.T is a wonderful school full of great educators who are trying to make their kids ready for a very tough future. They are doing their job in a way that every teacher should see and get something from them. When we told how wonderful they were, or how hardworking they were, they just replied with a smile and said ‘We love what we are doing’ . Their motivation was so infectious. I felt very comfortable there with like-minded people.

We, 14 teachers from 6 different countries (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungaryand Greece), were amazed by what we have experienced there. I’m really happy that my school is part of this wonderful project called ‘The Magic of Reading, The Power of Discovering Ourselves’. We, as a team now, are all ready to experience the new team spirit. From now on till the end of June 2013, we are a big team, working on a project to promote the joy of reading to our students and even to their parents.

I must say, not only our Romanian coordinators but the teachers from our partner schools were also very motivated and eager to work together. We are very excited to learn from each other.

One comment on “Can a Comenius Project change a Thing? Part 1
  1. Thanks for sharing, Eva.

    Even the greatest writers experience challenge when expressing themselves. It’s easy to focus on how it could be better, more so than how it’s already great.

    This post reminded me of how high education’s goals can be, and how much passion and hard work is required both on the part of the teachers and students, especially if the learning environment offers less opportunity than we’d hope.

    Cheers, Brad

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