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I think the life Steve Jobs led, his achievements, his dreams, his talks and the gadgets he revolutionised and presented us will teach many lessons to the teenagers. They have a long life with dreams and opportunites so I decided to take this article to class tomorrow and prepared a lesson on it.

You can also check the followings to inspire your kids in the class.

Hot off the Press!!! An Activity about Steve Jobs by Cecilia Lemos

Apple Boss Steve Jobs Dies Aged 56 (, 2011) by Sean Banville


One of the answers of my students to What we learned from this article…

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  3. I so appreciate using such relevant materials in a classroom. I’m sure your students responded well to it, were quite engaged. Sometimes I forget that the news I find interesting may also be interesting to my students (how about that!). Plus, doing this sort of exercise helps cement it in their minds in such an authentic way. Thanks for the reminder!

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