#photoblog challenge – compare and contrast

I have been quite busy recently and I realise I’ve missed many interesting things going on in the blogosphere. Yesterday I found out this photoblog challenge and really enjoyed reading all the posts and tasks. Brad has a list of bloggers who took the challenge and you can see them here.


Find at least 5 similarities between these pictures.

How are these cats different from each other?

Which of these cats would you take as a pet? Give your reasons.

 BTW these cats are from Haworth 


4 comments on “#photoblog challenge – compare and contrast
  1. Eva, I am still very new to blogging and I have never heard of a photoblog challenge. It looks really fun and interesting. This has given me some ideas of things I can do with blogs in my future as a teacher.

  2. Hey Eva-

    I’ve been busy as well (consulting trip in China for this month), and have just seen your post. Thanks for the mention.

    I like pretty chill pets, and I might have to go againt Dave and take black socks as a pet !

    Cheers, Brad

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