A New School Year and New Beginnings

Dear friends,

I haven’t written for a long time but I was a bit busy. This post is a letter actually. When I look back , I think 2010-2011 was a very successful school year both for me and my students.

With students we did many interesting things apart from the curriculum.

  • The CelebrateUandMeDigitally wiki project was one of them. I’m sorry it looks a bit sleepy nowadays but with your help we can wake it up. Please do join us.
  • My grade 10 students prepared many presentations, small projects and ı shared most of them with you. They are all familiar with web 2.0 tools, internet safety, netiquette and so on. They even use web 2.0 for their other lessons.
  • maybe some of you will remember, I had assigned my students to write 20-page stories. They did it. They handed me their stories. some were very poor but they were all acceptable as they all wrote a 20 page story. Next time I’ll guide them better and I’d ask them to write shorter stories. I published 3 of them only. I thought about editing and correcting then I gave up the idea and left them as they were. This year I’ll be more careful about drafting and organising. I’m really proud of these kids and their products.


Our Stories, 10 FLD Writing Project









  • I strted etwinning projects but I must confess they didn’t work well. If I do it again, I’ll choose less partners.
  • I applied for a Comenius project for my school and it is accepted and on November 6th I’ll be in Romania for a week for the project’s 1st meeting. the project is called ‘The Magic of Reading’ and I’m hoping to share the details with you later.
  • Last year was also a great year for me as a teacher because for the first time I presented at an international ELT conference, TesolFrance. I met my PLN there face to face, joined a blog marathon, became 2nd and had the chance to attend IATEFL Brighton and came back home with very bright memories and how I wish I could attend all IATEFLs now.
  • 2011-2012 Academic Year looks also promising. I have loads of plans one of which is an other collaborative project with my PLN. I started the wiki and now I need your assistance to start the new project The Olympic Games, London 2012. Will you join me?

And before I go, my blog turned 2 on September 12 and that day was the same day I signed up for twitter and for two years I’ve changed a lot for the better. Now I really enjoy sharing, collaborating and helping.

Thank you:)



4 comments on “A New School Year and New Beginnings
  1. Dear Eva

    Many congratulations on all your fantastic achievements the past year with your classes. They must be very proud to have such a dynamic teacher like you at the helm.

    Also, happy 2nd Blog Birthday! I wish you and your blog a very successful new academic year! Your upcoming projects sound very exciting. Best of luck with everything 🙂

    Best wishes


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