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Today I met two of my students who are ready to teach English. I was their English teacher from high school prep class to grade 11 then they studied at university and now they are about to start their career.

We had a really nice chat and of course being a teacher means teaching everybody everywhere and I caught myself teaching them how to become a teacher. Then I decided to write this post.

When you graduate from university, you always think you will change the world.

You think you will be fair and be able to teach every single student in the class.

You think you won’t be like the others and you will be sure not to leave anybody behind.

You think you will have a team of teachers to support you when you need.

You think your students will admire you and think that you are the best teacher in the world.

You think the principal will see your dedication and praise you.

But it won’t be like this.

Sometimes you will feel you are not capable of teaching.

Sometimes you will feel your colleagues are not happy with what you are doing.

Sometimes you will feel the principal does ignore you and never sees the things you manage to do well.

Will these things be enough for you to quit?

Here is a piece of advice for the new comers.

If you want to become a teacher, don’t think about being praised, do it for yourself.

Become a lifelong learner, there are chances of attending online and free PD courses, seminars, webinars. Find them!

Start building your Personal Learning Network using twitter and FB for professional development and get support from those teachers. Share your knowledge, don’t keep everything for yourself. If you share, they will also share.

Try hard to be fair. Be sure you are not neglecting a slow learner. Every child needs some support. Everybody can teach the smart ones but only the good teachers will help the timid ones.

Praise your students. See even the smallest attempt and say ‘wow, you’re doing really well today’

Motivate yourself. Don’t discourage yourself complaining about the others in the staff room who work less than you. Teaching requires self-motivation, dedication, hard work and creativity.

Be sure that teaching is a career, not a part time job, to become a wife and a mother. It will allow you to gain so many strengths that you will never guess.

You will have a chance to improve yourself constantly not let yourself left behind your students.

Get feedback. Ask your students what’s happening in the classroom. Be careful, guide them well to collect data. don’t do it to hear good words from them. Be ready to hear the criticism and learn from your mistakes.

In short teaching is a life-long journey to find yourself by reaching many people and guiding them.

P.S: when I was with my students I tweeted  ’

evab2001 hi all,I’m with my students who will start teaching this year. what will u say 2 them? do u think it is worth?

I received some answers from my PLN and here you can check their advice too.

@anna_bring oh yes it is worth all of that hard work. I don’t ever regret becoming a teacher, and the reward i… (cont)

 @BiancaH80 Hi future teachers!! Teaching is awesome – get on twitter, follow some teacher blogs and don’t teach from worksheets!
focus on learning always – tech is just a tool but use it well. Keep in touch w/ edu research – don’t throw away those books!
@jshe Teaching is the most rewarding career!
@AlexandraKouk To your students: In teaching they may discover the love of their lives – definitely worth it!!!!
@vickyloras Hello to you all! It is definitely worth it – I wish you all the best, you will love teaching : )


14 comments on “Becoming a Teacher
  1. Becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have been teaching for 19 years.It is really worth it.

  2. Hi Eva!

    Once more, through this post, you show your sensitivity, interest and passion to help new teachers. They are very lucky to have you to guide them through this. I love all the points you raise, and I also like how you tell them about the downsides to our profession, which are unfortunately there but most of the times are outweighed by the positive points.

    My warmest wishes to all of them for a very successful teaching career!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Eva!!
    For me, teaching is most definitely worth it. It has humbled me into seeing what others might not, and given me the opportunity to learn so much from my students. It has been very rewarding, and after 25 years…I STILL love it and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!

    Great post!!

  4. Dear Eva,

    like you have read my mind too. So, powerful and true words. I’ve felt all those things and still do. I will share this with my collegues at least those who teach English. Great post!

  5. Becoming a teacher is the best thing happened in my life. I’ve found my true life in teaching. Thanks a lot Eva for this wonderful post which made me really remember my first year of teaching…


  6. my dear
    thank u for ur nice words . i like teaching but i feel tired when i deal with naughty student i need ur help to advise me how can i deal with them

  7. Dear Eva,
    I am currently on the journey to becoming a teacher. I want to thank you for your great blog. I was a little worried about becoming a teacher, I have heard a lot of bad stories about teaching but your blog has given me the motivation I needed to keep going.
    Thank you,
    LaVenia-twitter name @christian_mommi

  8. Hey Mohamed, sometimes it’s really difficult…, but you shouldn’t give, you should try another approaches and remember naughty are usually quick too, so they need to get envolved…

  9. Hi,

    I’m own my way becoming a teacher. its true that it is very difficult yet fulfilling profession. since you we’re about to enter the world of busyness in the teaching life that needs you to have a longer patience about your pupils and consider their peculiar needs that requires you much more effort and time.however it is very fulfilling and enjoyable, since you are part in their journey of life, which you help them on how to be a true person with higher moral grounds..

  10. I liked your contrast of ‘teaching expectations’ and ‘teaching reality’. Expectations and reality often differ in life…but it may just be that nature intended it to be that way. I enjoyed reading your tips – they are valuable ones.

  11. It is important to teach for yourself and not for the praise you may receive! The praise will come when you least expect it and mean so much more!

  12. Hi Eva,

    I am studying to be a teacher and I loved the way you wrote about the expectations vs. reality of being a teacher. When you set out on the path to becoming a teacher you have all these expectations about how you are going to be the best teacher ever and you are not going to do anything that’s not fantastic. I have only just finished my first year of a four year degree but I have volunteered in schools ever since I did work experience at my local school when I was in year 10 five years ago. By having this extra experience I can see how much hard work goes into this profession, planning lessons, getting the materials needed ready then managing the class and making sure that all the students comprehend what you are trying to teach them. I have to admit that I worry sometimes ‘Will I be able to do this?’, ‘Will I be good enough’. I do know that others feel exactly the same way and that comforts me somewhat. I have started searching for blogs written by teachers and student teachers and have started my own at I want to devolop my own PLN. I had never really considered twitter but I have read about lots of teachers using it so I will consider joining.
    Great Blog!

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