Guessing Game Guest Post by Arzu Baloglu

I work at a high school and I mainly teach 9th and 10th grades.I learned this activity at a workshop I attended a few months ago.

The idea is to give students  some clue words and numbers  which are important to you  and make them guess what they  are about.So ss are getting to know you by suggesting ideas .In the end you give the correct answers.I’ve prepared this activity as a ppt presentation by adding photos. I think  some slides with photos on the first day of school could be more interesting and fun  instead of just introducing yourself to the class.Because students can be curious about their new teacher and want to learn more about her/him.

The aim is not only make ss find the correct answers but also make them speak as much as possible.

I put photos, many of which I took for this activity , and numbers on the slides. I tell the ss all the slides are related to me and then let them make guesses .After they finish guessing about me and tell me all their ideas,I show them the correct answers .Some of them are too easy to guess  J.Later they can tell a word or a number about themselves and the class try to figure them out.

This kind of activity later could be used while teaching  likes &dislikes. SS can prepare some slideshows to talk about their likes&dislikes.Their  favourite writer,film ,singer,food ,city,etc. can be put on the slides as well.

I’ve prepared a ppt presentation  in case there may not be wifi on the first day of school,but other presentation tools like Prezi or Animoto can be used,too.If you don’t want to use photos,you can use word clouds by writing all the key words and numbers in it.I think the more interesting the photos or words ,the more fun the students will have.



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