I will survive

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Well, when do you say, I will survive?

Guess I can hear you? If a friend has a broken heart and is very sad, what advice will you give and in thend make her say ‘I will survive’

Don’t worry it is not me who needs to be strong 🙂


Here is my lesson:


And a warmer to give advice (good for kinesthetic learners)

Play snowball in the class:

  • Tell students to write 3 problems (real or imaginary)on a piece of paper.
  • Tell them there is no need to write their names.
  • Tell them to crumple the paper and turn it into a ball.
  • Play snowball for a while and encourage the fun.
  • Stop them and tell them to pick the snowball closest to them and write advice to the problems.

A filler/ Tic-tac-toe

  • On slips of papers or post-it notes write situations or problems.
  • Draw the tic-tac-toe grid on the board.
  • Divide class into two teams.
  • Students in turns choose a square and and take the same numbered post-it note.
  • According to the situation on the post-it, students give advice or express regret.

Some suggestions:

I stayed up late playing computer games and failed in the test.

My sister keeps wearing my tshirts without asking me.

My parents don’t understand that I’m a teenager.

I shouted to my grandma yesterday and I feel sorry now.


5 comments on “I will survive
  1. Eva,

    I’ve done this song/lesson a zillion times and loved it! (especially popular with classes full of women teachers).

    What’s cool about the song is that I’ve yet to find a culture where there isn’t a popular local version. It can be fun to compare the translations – if your students are that high a level.

    Great that you are tackling these “empowering” themes! Here’s the video I made/subtitled, of the original. http://bit.ly/henNq7

  2. Hi Eva!

    I love the idea of the problems on crumpled paper – super and I am sure the kids enjoyed it too! Another idea of yours I am gonna pinch ; )

    Keep up the super work Eva! You inspire us all : )


  3. Hi Eva

    Thanks so much for sharing these lovely ideas! I’ll try this lesson out next time I do advice and regrets.

    I absolutely love this song! It’s one of my favourite disco songs ever and is indeed very empowering, as David mentions above.

    Very inspiring!

    Best wishes


  4. Hi Eva,
    It’s my first time to know this activity and i found it is very interesting and useful. The activity provides students opportunities to practice certain grammatical forms. Also it serves a good tool to build friendly atmosphere in the classroom. It is very inspiring. Thank you!

    Best wishes

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